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Pigeon Removal in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Pigeon Removal offers solutions to deal with the negative impacts of pigeons in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is done using a range of measures, such as installing physical barriers or netting to prevent pigeons from roosting or nesting in certain areas, using noise or visual deterrents to discourage pigeons from congregating in certain areas, and implementing programs to trap and remove pigeons from an area. The specific methods used for pigeon control can vary depending on the specific situation and the goals of the control efforts. Call us today to discuss your specific needs.

Pigeons Nesting on Structure

Pigeons can be a problem

  • Droppings: Pigeons produce a large amount of droppings, which can create a mess and may be unsanitary. The droppings can also damage buildings and other structures.

  • Damage to property: Pigeons can cause damage to buildings and other structures by pecking at wood, metal, or other materials. They may also build nests in gutters or on ledges, which can cause further damage.

  • Noise: Pigeons can be loud, especially when they are nesting or roosting in large groups.

  • Health concerns: Pigeons carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans through their droppings or by handling them. In addition, their droppings can harbor parasites that can cause health problems.

  • Aggression: Pigeons may become aggressive if they feel threatened or if they are trying to protect their nests or chicks. This can be a problem for people who are trying to enjoy outdoor spaces.

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