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Pigeon Removal

Pigeon removal refers to the process of removing pigeons from an area where they are causing problems. This may involve capturing and relocating the pigeons to another location, or removing their nests and eggs to prevent them from reproducing. Pigeon removal is typically carried out by professional pest control companies, who have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and humanely remove pigeons from an area. In some cases, pigeon removal may also involve using repellents, such as loud noises or flashing lights, to discourage pigeons from congregating in a certain area. Pigeon removal is an important part of pigeon control, as it can help prevent pigeons from causing damage or becoming a nuisance in urban areas.
Man Removing Pigeon

Safe and humane handling and removing of pigeons from a person's property involves using techniques and methods that do not cause unnecessary harm or stress to the birds. This may involve using humane traps or nets to capture the pigeons, and then relocating them to a safe location away from the property. It is important to handle pigeons gently and carefully, to minimize their distress and ensure their well-being. In addition, it is important to remove any nests or eggs that may be present, to prevent the pigeons from returning or reproducing on the property. Overall, safe and humane handling and removing of pigeons involves a combination of effective control measures and compassion for the birds.

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